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The higher you might be, the significantly less mistakes you create

aˆ?Often regret is very incorrect and displaced, and imagines the past to be totally besides it was.aˆ? John O’Donohue

aˆ?Don’t regret the issues. You’ll always make mistakes. The only method to advance is to completely review their blunders.aˆ? James Altucher

aˆ?Regret for your affairs we performed could be tempered by-time; its regret for all the facts we didn’t do this are inconsolable.aˆ? Sydney J. Harris

aˆ?Don’t allow you to ultimately being a person who, nearing passing, regrets everything you might have completed if perhaps you had taken multiple dangers. We each posses an intention in life.aˆ? Gillian Stokes

Quotes About Coping With Regret

aˆ?we made decisions that we regret, and I took all of them as learning experience… i how does flingster work am human beings, maybe not perfect, like anybody else.aˆ? Queen Latifah

aˆ?Regret will be the worst human feelings. Should you got another street, you may have dropped down a cliff. I am content.aˆ? William Shatner

aˆ?Make it a guideline of existence not to regret and not to check right back. Regret was an appalling waste of strength; it’s not possible to create about it; it is just advantageous to wallowing in.aˆ? Katherine Mansfield

aˆ?Never regret anything you did with a sincere affection; there is nothing lost which created in the cardiovascular system.aˆ? Basil Rathbone

aˆ?The history is a great location and I also don’t want to eliminate they or to regret it, but I do not wish to be its prisoner either.aˆ? Mick Jagger

aˆ?Life is actually short, time is too important, together with bet are too high to stay on what might-have-been.aˆ? Hillary Clinton

aˆ?The thoughts that harm the majority of, the emotions that sting most, are those being outrageous aˆ“ The longing for difficult issues, properly because they are difficult; nostalgia for just what never ever is; the desire for what might have been; regret over not someone else; discontentment with all the world’s life. Every one of these half-tones of soul’s awareness generate in you a painful surroundings, an eternal sunset of everything we are.aˆ? Fernando Pessoa

aˆ?Looking back once again, You will find this to regret, that all too often when I loved, I didn’t say so.aˆ? Ray Stannard Baker

aˆ?When we feel my age, there can just only become one regret aˆ“ to not have given an adequate amount of our selves.aˆ? Eleonora Duse

aˆ?They state you should not suffer through the past. You ought to be capable put it on like a loose apparel, remove it and allow it drop.aˆ? Eva Jessye

aˆ?I don’t be sorry for the things I’ve gone through. I have got downs and ups, awesome highs plus some small lows. I’ve been very blessed that i really could never say, aˆ?If only this don’t result.’ It really is section of which I am. There is nothing within my life that is very ugh.aˆ? Jennifer Lopez

aˆ?most of us do things we frantically want we’re able to undo. Those regrets only come to be section of whom we have been, and anything else. To expend energy attempting to changes that, better, it really is like chasing clouds.aˆ? Libba Bray

Plus the sole thing men regret is that they don’t living boldly enough, they failed to invest enough cardio, did not love enough

aˆ?My pointers some other handicapped group will be, concentrate on points your own impairment doesn’t stop you successful, and don’t regret the items they disturbs. Don’t be disabled in spirit together with physically.aˆ? Stephen Hawking

aˆ?Looking right back, i’ve this to regret, that all too often once I enjoyed, I did not state so.aˆ? David Grayson

aˆ?The best calibration that really matters try exactly how much cardiovascular system folks invest, simply how much they overlook their fears of being hurt or caught down or humiliated. Nothing else really counts whatsoever.aˆ? Ted Hughes

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